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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy (GDPR)

Clare Mills trading as Flutterbys adheres to the following privacy policy written 25/5/18 to be reviewed by 25/5/20 or sooner if legislation changes and requires it.

The only personal data held by Flutterbys will be your name, mobile number or email address or facebook/messenger name. The purpose of holding this information is to be able to keep clients updated with special offers and advertising of the business. Clients will only have this data held because they have enquired about the business and may at any time have this data deleted or amended upon request. Requests for this may take any form and need not be written.

Flutterbys may also store information on a locked paper system listing name and treatments undertaken the purpose of this is to ensure correct timescales are adhered to between treatments and that suitable programmes of treatments can be offered and carried out with clients.

No information stored is ever shared with any third party but kept specifically for the purposes above. As a client you may request to see and have a copy of any information held about you. You may then request any changes or amendments to that data to ensure that only correct data is stored. Alternatively, you may request that the data be deleted however this may result in Flutterbys not being able to continue in treating you. Personal details would only ever be released if Clare Mills was legally obliged to do so, or if by not doing so harm could come to the client. In either case Clare Mills will take all possible steps to inform the client.

Personal data will be stored for 2 years after the last point of contact or treatment undertaken in order that any legal or insurance issues may be resolved. After this point the information will be shredded by Clare Mills. For any further enquiries please contact Clare Mills on 07758891281 or