Frequently Asked Questions
We've compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often.
How does Reiki work?
Reiki is all about feeling well in yourself. It works by channelling the positive universal energy from one person to another. In its simplest form it is like the good feeling you get from a hug. It is deeply relaxing and yet uplifting at the same time. Reiki energy is transferred without the need for physical touch and I will hold my hands about 5 cm away from your body to enable the transfer. Although personally I prefer to touch the sides of your head at the start of the treatment to get the best connection this is not essential. The exchange of energy may cause cold or warm or tingling sensations as the energy flows around your body, you may also experience visions of different colours and lights or you may well just lay peacefully in a relaxed darkness. All of these things are temporary and the sensations will revert back to usual at the end of the session leaving a sense of peace and wellbeing which can develop over the next few days. Reiki is undertaken fully clothed and usually laid down on your back on the massage table but can be completed seated if you prefer.
Can Reiki cure my illness/pain/stress?
No Reiki practitioner should make any promises to cure any illness, stress or pain. Having said that illness, pain and stress are indicators of dis-ease in the body and Reiki can certainly help to balance and encourage energy flowing more properly again. A single treatment can often make a big difference but sometimes a course of treatments may be even more beneficial. Each treatment will leave the client feeling relaxed, positive and uplifted. It is so gentle it can be used by any one of any age from babies to the elderly. It can be used completely safely during pregnancy and post-surgery. It can even pass through a plaster cast and because no touch is required it can be used at the site of pain and broken skin with no chance of infection.
Do you use oils for Indian Head Massage?
No I complete Indian Head Massage fully clothed and seated and find that most people prefer not to get their hair all messy however if you want oil you can always request it.
Do you treat children?
Yes I love treating children and find they respond very well to touch and working with their energies. It is important that a parent or carer remains with the child for the duration of the treatment where children are under 10.
Do you have any qualifications in Reiki?
Yes I am fully qualified to the highest level of practice in Reiki as a Reiki Master and have been practising for more than 15 years.
Do you have insurance?
Yes I have full public liability insurance through Simply Business. This covers all the treatments I perform both in my treatment room or in your home. I am also covered to perform treatments outside at public events, fairs and pamper events and to provide demonstrations. I am fully insured to treat any age of client including children.